Monday, January 19, 2009

in the line of duties

a milestone of my involvement in design related field... mostly are proposal and confirmed works... taken from my various journey experience which i gained as designer... as both full and pastime... kindly bump into me if the taste suits u... n see if we could blend some collaborations or associate for creative/communication pocket money.... thanx for ur time taken viewing my blog peeps.... .... ::K:: ...

my own relaxing pastime... the other side of me part II

another interest of mine besides than which is having a great moment collecting toys stuff... mainly action figure n movies related memorables. Not meant to be soooo... spendthrift, i juz bought what i really most like and wanted... its been a while the collectors item some how fall in my humble collections... otherwise most of it are easily found in local departmental/toys store... or some on ebay..., well enjoy viewing the quick view of my childhood thin'... hope it would not poison u neither ur wallet.... n i do enjoy seeing or exchanging blog if u are a collector too... :D

Friday, January 9, 2009

aidil&fareeza nikah, uniten...

This is a quick view from the solemnisation recites then bring it to the outdoor session between aidil & fariza, aidil's sister in law happeneds to be my x-officemate... thanx to jo n ain for giving me the chance n trust to capture ur bro's wedding... the luvly shooting sessions had took place in uniten n mosque there... luvers n haters are most welcome... :D... for wedding photography n creative works... :: k